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11 December 2015

Double Denim

As it is winter, I feel like we all feel as if we can't necessarily wear certain things and we all subconsciously tend to lean towards darker clothes. There is honestly nothing wrong with wearing darker clothes as, I, myself live and breathe black and white but sometimes I just want to change it up.

I decided to look into the double denim look as it is something that I've been meaning to try. I went with light stone washed denim rather than dark denim as I wanted to stray away from darker colours but dark denim also works. I honestly think that mixing denim (light and dark) doesn't work as
that is where it goes wrong and where double denim gets its bad name. I'm wearing a Topshop oversized denim shirt in light wash denim, Urban outfitter's BDG Mom jeans and a white classic turtle neck to keep myself warm. Turtle necks have always been a love of mine so I love how they have become a trend. The best places to purchase them is Uniqlo and Urban outfitters, as they're really soft and not skin tight. I paired this outfit with my white Nike air force as they go with everything and gold accessories but not too many as that would be a tad much alongside the double denim. 

I hope to keep posting more often now, thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks to my friend Ella for taking the pictures xoxo

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