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Gifts for guys on Valentine's day!

31 January 2016

What to buy for Valentine's day! pt1 The Guys 

Valentine's Day gift ideas for guys

With Valentine's day being two weeks away I thought I'd put together a gift guide for guys and girls. In my opinion, I don't think gifts are necessary on Valentine's day but if you really want to get your other half something don't worry because I've put together a small list of gifts that will suit any budget.

It's the thought that counts so when it comes to gifts.  Make sure that your gifts have meanings because that what makes them extra special. My favourite item here is the vinyl.  I absolutely love music and if your boyfriend, husband or friend shares the same passion you've hit the jackpot! Instead of giving them music they already listen to, buy an album that they've probably never listened to but might like. Everyone needs socks so I don' t think I need to explain why I've put them on this list. Cuff links are really cool but I think you can go one step further and buy them collar tips, making their out more edgy. Plus they're £3.00 on Asos!!

In all honesty just get them something that shows you thought about it and I'm sure they will be pleased.


Nike trainers - £70
Watch - £150 via
Phaidon book - £12.95 via Amazon
Collar tips - £3.00 via
Vinyl - £25

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