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Gifts for girls on Valentine's day!

31 January 2016

What to buy on Valentine's day! Pt 2 The Girls

Valentine's Day gift ideas for girls

Since I did a Valentine's day gift guide for guys it would only make sense if I did one for girls. So here you are, a wonderful guide with a budget for everyone!

Let's start with the 1001 songs you must hear before you die. This book is such a good gift as you can give it to anyone boy, girl, Mum or Dad. I love music and I'm always keen on discovering new music so what better way of doing it. The Vivienne Westwood earrings are quite pricey but so nice. They're pink and rose gold, which are my current obsessions right now so I definitely think it's a perfect gift for anyone with the same obsession. 

 Trainers are the new heels. When I saw these Stan smith trainers I immediately fell in love but not with the price. They're such a lovely twist on the original and would make a good gift but they are on the pricey side but you can always get the normal original ones as there just as good. Staying on the sport luxe side of things,Calvin Klein underwear is a must because they're comfortable and simple which is always more!

Valentine's day is upon us and hopefully these gift ideas helped you out!

P.s. Remember it's the thought that counts!

Vivienne Westwood Earrings - £56 via
Stan Smith - £350
Candle - £11.86 
L'Oreal Lipstick - £6.99 (on offer) via

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