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Winter care

14 January 2016

Winter Care

Winter care

For those of you that live in the uk I'm sure you have all noticed how cold it has been. Cold weather can be quite harsh on your skin or hair, leaving it really dry. Staying moisturised during winter is everything as it keeps your skin and hair hydrated and healthy. All of these products are things that I've tried and swear by.

1. Any of the body souffl├ęs from &Other Stories are  really good, as my skin is dry anyway I find that these keep my skin moisturised and extremely soft whenever I use them. They cost £10 and come in nineteen colours. 

2. This hand lotion is also from &Other Stories and it is probably my favourite product in the store. All of their products have such nice scents to the point that you wouldn't even need to wear any perfume as you just smell so lovely. These ones are £5 and are perfect for your bathroom, desk or bedroom. I must say if you have sensitive skin don't worry because their products do not irritate your skin at all. 

3. Kiehl's is a God send. I have super sensitive skin, so I'm really cautious with what I buy, but I can honestly tell you that you'll never regret purchasing anything from here. I added another hand cream to this list because it's good to have one at home as well in your bag. The best thing about this product is that it's rehydrating your skin which is key in the winter since all the moisture is taken away by the cold winter air.

4. This product is definitely a good investment. If you don't moisturise your face at night then you should start to do so. I can promise you that you will see a difference. Your face will become really soft and it lightens it up as well. This Kiehl's hydrating face masque literally makes you glow and for £28 I think it's worth it.

5. Carmex is something everyone should have! It really does soften your lips and moisturises them better than any other lip balm I've ever tried. Carmex has different types of lip products but this alongside the original jar are probably my favourites.

6. Hair care is really important in order to prevent any split ends or breakage. Even if you have greasy hair it is still good to use hair oils especially in winter because your more prone to getting split ends and breakage due to dryness. If you do have oily hair then don't use too much because then you'd have greasy hair. Also try to avoid using dry shampoo as it makes your hair even dryer. Amika has a range of hair products but this is the best by far.

P.s Remember water is the moisturising/hydrating queen so keep drinking water!

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