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Knowledge is key!

24 February 2016

Wednesday Wisdom #2

Knowledge is Key!

Yes it's another Wednesday and here is some wisdom. Knowledge is such a powerful thing to have and why not learn something everyday. By knowledge I don't mean we all have to be academic scholars. Knowledge is something that helps you develop as a person as we're always changing.You're definitely not the same you five years ago or yesterday.

Everyday I aim to learn something new everyday aside from school. It could be a fact or a whole new skill set. It's important to be the best you can be. 'I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do.' To me that speaks volumes, you just got to live a little and try something new, whether you want to start a sport or pick up an old one it's fun and gaining rather than losing. Reading is something that can be a controversial topic because some hate it and some love it. Ask yourself are the books your reading what you like? If not do something then read something else. I'm currently studying my A-levels and going from GCSEs to A-level means you have to drop your subjects down to four. I really loved studying Geography during GCSEs so I bought this book called 10 Billon by Stephen Emmott. 10 Billon is one of my favourite reads as it tells you about the economical and environmental issues that we're likely to face when the world population reaches 10 Billon it an extremely enlightening book. Pick up a new skill that could help in the future with a job or just in general. 

Give yourself choice working hard and learning isn't bad it just means you're opening more doors for yourself even if you don't know what path to take. You be unsure on what it is that you want to do, but a good way to decide what you want to do is simply doing the subjects that you are good at and you enjoy, which I'm hoping you already do. Next, the best thing for you to do is finding out what careers come out of the subjects you study, studied or even work experience. This can be done by researching or just asking your subject teachers, friends parents or good old Google. Once you've found out what jobs are available or that interest you, start looking for work experience placements that you can do. If you happen to be struggling to find some work placements ask you parents/friends if they know of anyone who works in the field you're interested in. Email people within the profession you want to go into. This will allow you to see what path they've taken, and from my own experience I've found they're usually really helpful as long as you're polite! Doing all this extra work will help decide what it is that you really want to do. Through doing allow of that you've learnt something and you can help yourself improve.

I'm just saying why limit yourself when you can do whatever you want. We have the same hours as BeyoncĂ©, meaning we can be just as great because she is human but she was savvy and use her skill set to get to where she is. Learn something even if it's that snails can sleep for three years without sleeping! Weird Right!

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