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Pace yourself!

23 November 2016

Wednesday Wisdom #4

Pace yourself!

Hey everyone, I hope you've all had a good week so far. This week it's all about pacing yourself. Living in the 21st century is hard and I don't need to explain why. We live in a period where so much is demanded of us, which is why I've decided to talk about how to deal with it. 

As a student I often find it hard to juggle all aspects of my life. I work, go to school and still want to see my friends. Making time to see people is completely stressful especially when your work or school occupies most of your time. Most of my stress can stem from my social life. I feel that everyone can relate with this as it is hard to keep a balance. We all need to evaluate our own situation and tackle where the stress is coming from.It is also very easy to point fingers at others, when really this happens all the time but minimising is what we can do. Balancing different aspects of my life is something that I'm still learning to do and think that it's okay because I'm still 18 and there is always room to grow.

It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it - Lou Holtz

We all over complicate our lives and sometimes set ourselves unrealistic challenges. I think the key to being less overwhelmed is knowing your limits. I often find myself trying to do one million things at a time when it's simply just impossible! Buy a note book or planner. I always say this but notebooks are just lifesavers. They really do help me remember things that I know I'll forget or simply help me plan my days. This may seem slightly old fashioned, but planning out your days always helps. It gives you structure, which is important if you're a bit unorganised(like me)! I chose this quote because the message really resonates with me and other people I know. We all try to do too much but it is always about finding a balance. 

Expressing yourself to other people is really helpful. Sometimes we all just assume everyone else knows what is going on inside our heads, which is not the case! Communicating that you're stressed or overworked allows people to help you out or just to be more understanding. How is someone meant to help you when they don't know you need help? 

 Sleep is something that we all need. Too many people have become dependant on coffee. Coffee is great but it should not get to the point where you substitute coffee for your lost hours of sleep. Your body knows you well, so if you need to sleep drop the iPhone and try and get a good nights sleep. Working on a hourly pay may mean that your lunch time is not your own. It is sad how people get so busy to the point they forget to feed themselves. If you can't necessarily take a long break bring a snack and give yourself a little one because you'll just be exhausted otherwise. I think working is great as it keeps your brain active, but we should just give ourselves a moment to breathe every once in a while.

It is important to take it slow but obviously stay active, just try and make sure you don't overwhelm yourself with too much. 


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