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8 February 2017

With Valentine's days a week away, it's inevitable that we're going to be bombarded with red roses, typical restaurant deals and all the commercialism that comes along with Valentine's day. This is not an anti- Valentine's day post, but this post is about being truly happy and accepting yourself before you work on others.

As millennials, we go under a lot of criticism and social media platforms have allowed for this to spiral out of control. Instagram is a perfect example of where anyone can scrutinise your life (unless you're on private). We allow others to see our lives and vice versa, not only does it allow people to judge you and say whatever they would like, we also feel the need to compare our lives to others. I'm not saying we should delete the 'gram', but we should all understand that what people put on social media are just the highlights of their life.  The main danger from comparing one's life with another is the unnecessary pressure we feel. We compare our wealth, status, relationships anything we can think of will be compared. My advice is just to take a break, because then you can learn to appreciate yourself more. Don't demean yourself by involving yourself with things and people that constantly put you down.

Being your own best friend is something we should all do. We are all our own worst critics, but we don't have to be. I always point out the negatives about myself, as any teenager would, but recently I've made an effort to point out the positive and what I like about myself every time I have a negative thought. This isn't being cocky or egotistical, it's called building your confidence. I am a huge advocate for surrounding yourself with the best energy. Friends are important to us all which is why it's important you have the right friends. Longevity in any friendship always seems like a valid reason for why we should continue maintaining a toxic relationship. We should never give on one another, but if you have a negative friendship sometimes it's time to accept that you're growing apart.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love your self to get anything done in this world. - Lucille Ball

Motivating and empowering yourself is so important. As a young woman, I believe we should all encourage each other and not focus on the negative as we'd only be regressing. Women need to come together and celebrate each other. Being an unique individual is something we should all take pride in.

 Always offer your self the best opportunities. Start off by doing the small things, I enjoy photography and so I take pictures when I can. If you lack motivation and don't have much self respect, then where will you go?  Take care of your health and love yourself enough to want to more for yourself.

Nobody perfect but always be the best that you can be and ask for help along the way if that's what you need.  This Valentine's day celebrate, love and respect yourself. xoxo

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