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8 March 2017

Happy international women's day! Unless you've been living in a cave or you're a misogynist, you would know that today is a day, where we as people can come together and celebrate women. What does international women's day mean to you?

I think one thing that is important about today is acknowledging what it represents. For me, today marks what we as women have accomplished and achieved over the years, whether it be equality in race, gender or work. Women have come far, but this day also reminds me that there are still women out there that need our help and still dream of an equality. I think one think that we must understand is that, as westerners we experience many privileges that other don't get to enjoy. Education is the stepping stone to a better life, it encourages  us to be independent, to push ourselves and ask questions. Women in some parts of the world are often confined and have a prescribed life. What can we do? Whoever is reading this male or female we can support and be their voice where they can't. Girls not brides is a wonderful organisation that helps young women to pave their own path. We can support these organisation by campaigning, donating or just simply spreading the word.

We as women need to stand together, society creates an 'artifical notion of feminity' that we don't want, so let's not exacerbate it by fuelling it.. People like Winnie Harlow inspire me mainly because they're different to what society has conditioned us to believe what is the norm. These women stand for a social change, which we should all be apart of. They inspire us to be comfortable in our own skin and embrace being a girl.

In our work we should all support each other whether it be creative or academic. One thing I am honestly tired of seeing is women dragging each other down. Why do we do it? We need to encourage each other and stand together because we are stronger together. We need to celebrate our own beauty and not let anything define us, no gender roles only we can do that.  Whether you're black, white or asian we need to support each other and not oppres beaus ewe are the same. Gurlstalk founded by Adoa Aboah, is a platform that focuses on positively inspiring women through real life experiences. I think Gurlstalk is something that I  cherish because it's refreshing to see someone like a model who is very popular in the media to use their influence in a positive effective way. Aboah touches on issues such a mental health and confinements that are set upon women. Solange and BeyoncĂ© Knowles are people, who through their artistry speak on social and cultural struggles placed on women, which is just liberating for the soul (not trying to sound clichĂ©) when people just acknowledge real issues. We can bring each other together even by starting with the people around you.

 More than ever I feel proud tombe a women (not that I didn't before), but I have seen women come together in some many ways around the world, which just fils me with optimism for the future. Although I may not  have physically been there, I'm still part of a generation, a time where women are setting the pace and I just hope that it only continues.

There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish. - Michelle Obama

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